Home Remedies for Loose Teeth

When you have some bacteria in your mouth, they may infect your teeth and gums, and thus you have loose teeth. When we eat food, and it becomes dislodged between the teeth which can cause gum diseases and then loose teeth. The best thing is that you can get the best home remedies if you have loose teeth.

Using Mustard Oil

mustard oilThis assists in keeping the gums strong. You can use it by mixing about 4 drops of mustard oil with 1 spoon of salt. Stir properly before you apply the paste on your teeth gums that are affected for around 5 minutes. Wash your mouth using water to remove any bacteria infection and the mix.You can continue using the mix every day when you wake up early in the morning until you are relieved from the loose teeth.

Another way you can strengthen your loose teeth is by eating some foods that have a source of Vitamin C and calcium. Some of the foods that you can eat are guavas, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, milk, cereals, and cheese.

Using Garlic Oil

Garlic oil has an antimicrobial feature that can kill any harmful bacteria that may be in your mouth which in many cases can lead to loose teeth.

garlicTake a piece of garlic oil cut it in small slices and then place the slices between the gums of your loose teeth. Close your mouth and leave it for about 5 minutes before discarding the slices from your mouth. Rinse your mouth using water. You can do a thing in the morning and in the evening for around 2 months; your teeth will become strong.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide contains an antibacterial feature that can assist to kill any harmful bacteria that may be making your teeth to be loose. You can use 1 spoon of hydrogen peroxide around the affected teeth for around 3 minutes. Rinse your mouth with water to remove the mix and the brush your teeth. You can do this once daily as it finally heals your loose teeth.

If you follow the above guidelines for home remedies for loose teeth , you will surely have very teeth. So many people have tried them why not you?

How to Stop Bleeding Gums

Many people take action immediately when they experience bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, and swollen gums. Unfortunately, they often ignore bleeding gums even though it is a symptom of gum disease. The causes of this condition are many. However, the most common ones are clotting disorders, hormonal changes, mouth sores, and deficiencies in particular vitamins. Other causes include brushing your teeth too hard, putting on dentures that do not fit and taking blood thinners. Deal with this problem as soon as you notice it. Here are some vital tips on how to stop bleeding gums.

Eat Well

healthy eating

Eating is critical to your body’s health even when it comes to your teeth. For example, you need proteins for the proper development of your tooth structure. You also need it for connective and mucosal tissue development. Calcium is essential because it enhances enamel re-mineralization. Vitamin C leads to the maturation of collagen tissue in addition to maintaining the integrity of your periodontal ligament. Other critical nutrients you need to keep your gums healthy include Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, antioxidants, and zinc among others. You can acquire them if you eat a balanced diet that includes leafy vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy carbohydrates.

Brush Your Teeth

Many people brush their teeth because they have acquired this habit over the years. Do not make the same mistake as them. Brushing your teeth is a serious affair. Do not use any brush you find. Go for a soft one that does not damage your gums. Avoid sharing your brush as well even if the toothbrush belongs to your spouse. Remember, dental diseases are contagious so you might be exposing yourself to the risk of infection if you use someone’s toothbrush and vice versa. Moreover, brush your teeth twice a day so that they can be free of bacteria.

Stop Smoking


Tobacco smoking has devastating effects on your body including an increase in your risk of respiratory diseases such as lung cancer. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that smoking harms their teeth as well. For example, did you know that this practice leads to the staining of teeth, gum disease, tooth loss, and mouth cancer? These are all conditions that can cause bleeding gums. Stop smoking today so that you can have a healthy body including healthy teeth.

Visit a dentist regularly. Remember, dentists can diagnose a hidden condition and then treat it promptly. Other tips include flossing your teeth daily to remove plaque that may weaken your teeth. Using anti-gingivitis toothpaste is also an excellent idea. It will neutralize plaque that may be present around your gum line.

Swollen Cheek Due To Tooth Infection

There is no pain that can surpass the magnitude of a toothache. This is pain that can drive you nuts. If you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t look forward to it. The visit to the dentist won’t be rosy either. Since childhood, we have been told to brush out teeth after every meal but how many of us actually do this? Quite ironic even the parents who advise as such do not. Nonetheless, dental hygiene is important. You don’t want to visit the dentist due to pain.

One can get a tooth infection if you do not practise proper dental hygiene. This is literally the basics. Floss your teeth, avoid too hot or too cold drinks at the same time and brush at least in the morning & in the evening. A tooth infection will come from food particles and may result in a swollen cheek. The tooth infection depending on its gravity, may require professional help. A tooth abscess particularly would need a dentist. Your dentist will assess your tooth infection and advise on the best treatment based on the assessment.

In other instances, though, you can self-medicate. Irrespective of the situation however, make your dentist your pal. Don’t pay them a visit because you are having excruciating pain. Have a check up once in a while, say every quarter or bi-annually. You are better safe than sorry. You don’t want to lose your teeth if you would have prevented it. It is important to note that self-treatment for a tooth infection may reduce the pain and swollen cheek, but it will not address the root cause.

It is common to experience a mild pain in your gum at times. Bleeding too perhaps your brush bristles are a bit harsh. If the pain, however, is more than mild, you are looking at a tooth infection. This may result in a swollen cheek. To address this, you can rinse your mouth with warm water having some salt. This will help kill the bacteria. Take some ice and place on a cloth, then place it over the swollen cheek. Don’t place the ice directly on your skin. You want to be in tip top condition hence avoid tissue damage. You may also need some over the counter drugs to reduce swelling. This is as advised by your doctor.

Oral hygiene practice is important. It is said cleanliness is second to Godliness. Whether it is true or not, what counts is that oral hygiene will save you from any tooth infection or consequently a swollen cheek. Don’t wait for the painful experience. Read about it and learn from the reading. You definitely want to keep smiling.