Lyme Disease Dry Mouth

Lyme disease got its name because it was first identified in the place called Lyme in the USA. It was identified because some kids who’re residing in the vicinity of each other were experiencing the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis. After the cases had been investigated, it came to be known that the kids were suffering from a disease that was caused by the insect bites. After many researchers studied the cases and investigated the cause of the disease, it was proved that the Lyme disease was caused by a bacteria named as Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacteria infects insects and ticks, and when these infected ticks or insects bite humans, the infection is transferred to the humans and the infection results in the Lyme disease.

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Symptoms of Lyme disease dry mouth

  • The person may suffer from rashes that have a particular pattern as generally they are round lyme diseaseshaped and the inside area of the circle is clear.
  • The patients may also suffer from symptoms like fever, feel cold, headache and body pain, etc. People may think that these are the symptoms of flu, but if these symptoms occur after a tick bite and rash at the site of the bite, then these can be considered as early signs of Lyme infection.
  • The patients may also experience nausea and vomiting after they have been infected with the disease. The patients may also feel tired all the time, and it can be one of the symptoms of this infection.

There are some clinics that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of specific tick-borne disease such a Lyme disease, and if you have the symptoms of that particular infection, then it’s always better to visit a Lyme disease dry mouth clinic so that you will get the necessary attention immediately and more efficiently.

Treatment for Lyme disease

  • The essential treatment for this infection is the dose of antibiotics which will be prescribed to you by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. If the symptoms are diagnosed at an early stage, then the treatment will take only a few days as the antibiotics will have their effect soon. However, if the diagnosis has been done at a later stage, then repeated courses of antibiotics might be prescribed to have proper relief and effect.
  • The disease can be treated with oral antibiotics as well as intravenous antibiotics, based on the severity of the infection.

Some people may experience the symptoms of the disease even after they’re cured of the infection, but till date, no reasons have been found for this occurrence. Therefore an additional dose of antibiotics isn’t recommended by doctors for the symptoms because they don’t have any effect. Therefore early detection and immediate treatment are always better in this case. Make sure that you consult a doctor if you’re bitten by any insect or tick as there’re many diseases that are caused by such insects and those diseases can be life-threatening.

Gum Abscess Home Remedy

An abscess is a pocket of pus that can form in any part of the body as a defense reaction to bacterial infection, injury, wound or the presence of foreign bodies such as splinters. Abscesses can occur in the lungs, kidneys, tonsils, brain, etc. Skin abscesses, referred to as boils, most commonly occur on the hands, legs, fingers, toes, underarms, and in the groin/rectum area.

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Abscesses are different from other infections. It is impossible to cure one with antibiotics alone. To completely get rid of it, an abscess needs to be opened and emptied.

gumsDental abscesses are particularly common and cause many aches and pains if left untreated. They are caused by bacteria that grow in existing cavities and embed themselves in the soft tissue of the mouth. The best way to relieve pain and discomfort associated with tooth abscess is to use a mild solution of grapefruit seed extract.

Unless the abscess is just beginning to form, but that will not heal, but grapefruit seed extract is so antiseptic that it will be bearable, at least for a while, until you come to the dentist and get surgery. Although there are no scientific studies on this subject, there is some evidence that humans have contained their dental abscesses for weeks and months with grapefruit seed extract.

To use the extract, mix about 20 drops in a cup of water and rinse off the abscess. Make sure that every time you take a sip, the mixture stays in your mouth for a few minutes. The remedy is very bitter, but if you can handle a cup of it, the pain should subside significantly.

To spread the infection and open the abscess, you can use a porridge made from common plantain. Simply crush fresh leaves and apply the bundle to the abscess. Aloe leaves work too. Cut a larger leaf from the plant, cut it to length and crush it into an envelope. Apply to the affected area and replace daily. Another gum abscess home remedy for the same problem is cabbage leaves. Use them in the same way as the aloe.

Onions are also great for extracting the infection. Bake an onion in the oven and add half of it to the abscess while the onion is still warm. Hold for about 3-4 hours, and then replace with a fresh batch.

Figs have been used since ancient times to treat abscesses. Figs can also be used to treat gum  abscesses home remedy. Make a warm fig wrap by slicing a fig and grinding its inside to a pulp. Place the pulp on a piece of gauze and apply to the affected area. Change four times a day.