Breasts Lift Scar Treatment At Home

breast lift scar

Any scar is dreaded by everyone especially the shallow area of our body that affects the aesthetic outcome of our face due to acne or pimple marks, but there is one of the scars that every woman is afraid of and that are the scar to their chest or breast area. Even the famous Angelina Jolie didn’t get away in having these scars when she requested for her breasts due to medical reasons, and she was affected of anxiety or depression, too. Cynically, breasts lifts are for aesthetic purposes, but any woman who encountered scars will also feel the same way as Angelina did.

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Usually, the remedies for this are not home-based such as medicines and another minor medical procedure like skin laser. Factors that may affect the healing of scar may include a genetic composition of the skin, the location of the incision and the type of surgery done on breasts. Most women couldn’t afford these treatments making them deal with their anxiety. Several healthcare practitioners and medical providers researched breasts lift scar treatment at home because they genuinely heard women’s cries. Below are the following home remedies:

  • breast scarMassaging vitamin E or coconut oil, aloe vera, raw honey, cocoa and shea butter on the scar
  • Eating bone broth because it contains collagen which helps in scar healing. You may also eat spinach or broccoli that contains vitamin E
  • Avoiding nicotine or being around smokers because this may add to healing complications
  • Avoid sun exposure at least a year for it causes darkening of the scar if this can’t be helped sunscreens can be applied to the injury.
  • Check any medicines that you are taking and avoid those the suppress healing like Prednisone.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not scratch or peel off the skin around the incision site even if exfoliation is happening.

There might be other breasts lift scar treatment at home that can still be used, but medical people are not yet sure of their adverse effects. It will be best to communicate with your surgeon continually and inform him or her of the remedies that you are trying because when all else fail, they will be able to monitor on what happened and make solutions. They would like to also help us in avoiding spending too much just because of side effects that should not have occurred if we continuously inform them of what we do. Beauty is important nowadays because of social media but health matters most than beauty, and there’s no room for carelessness in health.

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