Use Garlic To Combat High Cholesterol Levels And Blood Pressure

Use Garlic To Combat High Cholesterol Levels And Blood Pressure

Garlic has been a part of alternative medicines for thousands of years but there wasn’t any scientific support behind this. In the recent years, various scientific studies established and confirmed the fact that garlic has contents to protect against cancer and high blood cholesterol. Some studies show that it’s effective in lowering the plasma concentration of total cholesterol by up to 7% and the LDL cholesterol up to 10%. It also reduces the high blood pressure and risk of heart diseases Let us find out some easy ways to include garlic into our diet and get the maximum health benefits of it besides effectively managing high cholesterol levels. We all divert professional treatment to any natural healing but we still need professional just like to our dental issue, you can read more about how garlic can help with the bacteria in your mouth by visiting

Does garlic lower blood pressure?

The best way to harvest its health benefits, add it to your foods. When used to cook the food, it enhances the taste and aroma of the food and makes it enjoyable. Be it vegetables, meat, fish or seafood, garlic can be added to them. Either can be added as cloves or mixed with other raw ingredients while preparing the dishes. A paste of it can also be added to sauces and salads. Adding them to breakfasts and snacks makes them the best healthy diet. While you enjoy your favorite pasta or baked potatoes, do not forget to add a few garlic cloves or paste into them.
It’s also available as powder, tablets, and capsules in the market. However, for the best health benefits, it should be preferred as raw. The high concentration of ‘allicin’ a sulfur-containing compound in raw garlic makes them preferred over the garlic powder and tablets. Allicin is the compound which is the responsible for lowering the bad blood cholesterol levels. Even cooking reduces the strength of allicin so it is also good to consume as a row.

Although it’s good for health can lead to an upset stomach and a strong breath. A 10 to 20 cloves in a week is a good go for the healthy heart.

Owing to the raw garlic benefits, one should chew one or two cloves after the meal. Alternatively, a paste of fresh garlic should be dredged on salads and snacks.

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