What Is Contained In Emergency Dental Kit

We all have emergency kits in our homes, but we mostly forget to include dental supplies. The dentist will recommend everyone to include necessary dental supplies in their emergencies packages. Wondering which ones? No need to now, as here we state exactly what you should include in your emergency dental kit. By following the suggestions, you will be able to deal with any dental emergency that comes up.

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Apart from the common painkillers and antibiotics, an emergency dental kit should contain the following items.


Cotton can be very helpful if you have irritation in your mouth. You can keep the cloth by the area that is irritating to your teeth or tongue don’t come in contact and cause more discomfort.


Wax is the best if you need to cover fine wires or other orthodontic bands. You can use beeswax or the wax that the dentists suggest/gave.

dental kit tea bagTea bags

Tea bags help control bleeding, and they also help in soothing your lips, tongue, and cheeks. The dentists suggest using the tea bags that contain leaves from the camellia saneness plant rather than regular herbal tea.

Tooth drops

Tooth drops are commonly available at all pharmacies. They are known to provide relief from all types of tooth pain, once they are applied on the tooth.

Student plaque removers

Student plaque removers are special toothpicks that are designed to remove plaque and food particles that remain stuck between your teeth.

Topical anesthetic it is essential to keep an anesthetic, as they can be used to relieve gum irritation, denture sores, blisters or cold sores.


Gauze can be used to wrap a tooth that has or will fall out.

With the above items you will be prepared for most dental emergencies, however, if you have dentures, then the Dentist will recommend that you include the following items in your kit as well.

Cleaning powder

Denture pads

Nail polish remover

Small birthday candles

Rubbing alcohol

Super Glue

Most of the above-stated items can be found at your house or a local pharmacy. You can add the above questions with your general first aid kit or create separate dental equipment. Either way, it is essential to place the kit that is easily accessible by everyone in your home, so in case of an emergency, these items can be found without delay.

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