What To Expect After A Tooth Extraction (All About The Procedure)

after a tooth extraction

Are you preparing to have a tooth pulled? This article will talk about what to do after tooth extraction. It will focus on the recovery period, what to expect and what food you can enjoy while your tooth extraction site heals. After reading this article, if you want more information, you can read here what to do to ensure a quick and safe recovery from the tooth extraction procedure.

Why do people need tooth extraction procedures?

People get their teeth extracted because of pain that the tooth causes, or because there may be an infection inside the tooth, and the tooth may be too damaged to be saved. Tooth extractions are performed to ensure that the infection does not spread to other teeth and cause damage to them as well.

Recovery from a tooth extraction surgery

After tooth extraction, a patient can expect to feel a little amount of pain, especially after the anesthesia wears off. However, the pain a person feels should subside over time. If the pain gets worse after a tooth extraction, a patient needs to contact their dentist.

Successful recovery from a tooth extraction will depend on how willing a person is to follow the recovery instructions set by their dentist. The instructions after a tooth extraction usually include the proper food to eat, when a person can resume their regularly scheduled activities, and other instructions that can help a tooth extraction heal.

What to avoid

after a tooth extractionThere are many things a patient should avoid right after a tooth extraction procedure. A person who has just gotten out of the dentist’s office will be able to walk and do light work. However, strenuous activities should be avoided until the dentist approves it, or as stated in the recovery instructions.

There is also certain food that a person needs to avoid for at least the first few days after a tooth extraction procedure is done. It is a good idea to avoid food that is too hot or too cold. The same goes for beverages with extreme temperatures. There is a chance that the nerves in the nearby teeth and surrounding tissues are sensitive to these extreme temperatures. Avoiding this food and drinks will save a patient from experiencing tooth sensitivity after a tooth extraction procedure.

Also, avoiding to use a straw should be avoided because the pressure caused when a person used the straw can dislodge the blood clot that will have formed on the extraction site. If this happens, the healing will take a longer amount of time.

Final thoughts

If you are about to have a tooth extraction procedure done, it is a good idea to prepare for the recovery period of the procedure. Avoid the food mentioned above, and make sure to follow the instructions set by your dentist. If you have any questions about the procedure or the recovery instructions, ask your dentist about them.

Following the recovery instructions will help your tooth extraction site heal more quickly and will help you avoid getting any bacteria or microbes into the extraction site that may cause infection.

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