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Reasons why you may feel pain in tooth crown when biting down

pain in tooth with crown when biting down

Tooth crowns are placed on teeth to restore their beauty and natural function without having to extract the tooth. Although tooth crowns are supposed to be pain-free, some people complain about some pain. If you Googled “pain in tooth with crown when biting down”, you reached the right article. Read this article to learn more about how to manage toothpain at home.

How long do your teeth hurt after getting braces?

how long do your teeth hurt after getting braces

We, as humans, hate pain. It is our natural instinct to do everything we can to avoid pain, physical or emotional. So when you think of going to the dentist and experiencing pain, you would rather stay at home and forget that you have crooked teeth. But, what will you do if your overcrowded or underbite begin to cause you pain? You really have no choice but to see your dentist and consider getting braces. The question now is, how long do your teeth hurt after getting braces? This dentist in Cabramatta suggests you get to know the process so you would know how it works.

Bruised Tooth: First Aid

bruised tooth

Dental trauma can occur to you, a close relative or family member. It can happen at any time in our life, during an accident or a game of football. Unfortunately, this type of accident can have serious and permanent repercussions on our teeth. You can read this article to know how to treat knocked out tooth during football or an accident. If we don’t know how to minimize the trauma, what precautions to take and how to proceed in this type of situation, permanent damage can happen.

Causes and management of dental bridge pain

dental bridge pain

When you walk to a dentist office for a dental bridge, you must perfectly understand what you are getting into and whether you are able to withstand the expected challenges. Even though dental bridges play an important role in the dental structure, it may come with some of the challenges that must be understood in advance. Dealing with dental bridge pain at home is one of the greatest technique that dental patients must use to manage the condition.

Tooth Pain Relief for Your Child

tooth pain relief for child

Toothache is usually a consequence of a bigger problem, such as tooth decay, loose teeth, or loose fillings. But, you’ll know more about its root cause when you visit read about toothaches. When a child experiences toothache, more often than not, it requires the attention from a dentist as soon as possible. However, while you wait for the dental appointment, you can try some of these at home tooth pain relief for your child.

Probiotics for halitosis

probiotics for halitosis

Halitosis also is known as bad breath or oral malodor while probiotics are yeast and live bacteria which are beneficial to human health, most especially on the digestive tract. To learn how to treat halitosis, visit Some of these probiotic bacteria include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These bacteria are commonly found in fermented foods, likely pickled cabbage, and yogurt. The probiotics for halitosis are thus used to attract a large number of bacteria and leaving small room for the bad bacteria. Probiotics help in the restoration of the natural and healthy balance of the oral microbiome.