Foods To Eat With Toothache

foods to eat with toothache

A toothache is something which can be taken lightly. Those who never had toothache have no idea of what the real pain is. This condition can be light while in some occasions it can be severe. You can visit to read about toothache.

Toothache relief begins by avoiding foods which may harm or increase the sensitivity in your tooth. Dentists usually recommend foods which require little or no effort to chew. Below are some of the foods to eat with toothache.

Foods To Eat With Toothache

Ice Creams

This is one of the perfect foods when having a toothache. It is recommended to take ice creams after having dental surgery, this is because the cold contained in ice cream will the pain as well as the discomfort.

Lime Juice

Lime which is also referred to as lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and also has high levels of citric acid. The acid is very effective in getting rid of bacterias that cause toothache

Vitamin C is also useful in enhancing the health of the teeth as well as that of the entire body. Keep of lime juice if you have ulcers or wounds in your mouth. foods to eat with toothache


Raw onions usually have a disgusting taste, but it contains natural juice which is well suited to cure toothaches. You can do this by either cutting a small piece of onion then place it over the tooth with problems. You can also decide to squeeze the onion in order to obtain the juice and place it over the affected tooth directly.

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are an ideal choice if you desire to satisfy your hunger without having to chew a lot. Baked potatoes are also recommended to persons who have tender teeth.


Yogurt is another kind of food that requires no chewing or biting. Yogurt is satisfying and quite healthy. You can blend yogurt with a soft fruit so as to make it a nourishing meal.

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