Homeopathic Remedy for Flu

homeopathic remedy for flu

Coming down with a case of the flu is not a fun situation for anyone. It can cause you to feel, groggy, irritated and just downright awful. While over the counter medicine can be helpful when it comes to a quick fix, a homoeopathic remedy for flu is a lot more gentle and effective in the long run.

There is no best homeopathic remedy for flu but by trying a few by pinpointing the symptoms, can help a lot.

1. Bryonia

This is probably one of the most common remedies out there, this helps you to remain calm and more at ease, as the flu generally makes you very agitated and nervous. It also makes you want to drink large amounts of water, which is ideal in aiding your body to remove the virus and help to strengthen your immune system.

2. Nux vomica

This type of remedy is generally used when the person feels generally chilly or has some digestive issues. Such as nausea, which is generally caused by your body becoming run down. homeopathic remedy for flu

3. Gelsemium

Use this if the main symptoms are drowsiness and fatigue. It’s a little different from the afore mention Bryonia. Gelsemium is mainly used for the type of fatigue that comes from sheer exhaustion.

4. Eupatorium perfoliatum

This is another very common homeopathic remedy for flu, which is mainly used for severe pain. The type of pain that makes it feel like you are bruised all over. It’s quite horrible, and all you want is to make it go away, it also includes chest pain and a runny nose too.

With all these remedies outlined, hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that works best for you. Homeopathic medicine is becoming increasingly popular as more people turn to nature more and more. Sometimes artificial medicine is known to cause other problems in the future and can be more costly too.

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