Reducing Pain In Horizontally Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Reducing Pain In Horizontally Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Having horizontally impacted wisdom teeth is definitely a rare case when it comes to teeth misalignment. The pain is really intolerable and definitely can cause problems in your everyday tasks. Know that there are home remedies for you to choose from. Although that may be true, certain dental services are needed to surgically remove the pain. In addition, a female dentist in Sunbury explains the signs of impacted wisdom teeth can cause bigger problems if left untreated professionally. If you see any signs of bleeding and swelling, it is best for you to see a dentist right away.


Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Toothache

A toothache’s pain is really unavoidable no matter what sleep or ignore you do to not mind the problem. If you felt something different this morning with your mouth, better check the mirror right away. Signs of swelling, bleeding or other physical change in your gums may be a sign of a dental problem such as cavity or bacteria problems, wisdom tooth pain or worse, oral infections. Specifically, horizontally impacted wisdom teeth definitely give more of a kick when it comes to pain. Since it is positioned in a rather seemingly impossible way, most dentists need to do combinations of X-rays. There are possible ways to treat this at a dentist clinic, but in case of emergencies, you may want to consider these quick home remedies.

How To Treat Your Pain At Home

Immediate pain relief is what most people desire for their terrible toothache. A person may also have these immediate concerns at night. Emergencies for your wisdom teeth asks for a person to prepare for home remedies in case such problems happen again. Remember, our tips are a temporary relief for horizontally impacted wisdom teeth pain. If you feel like your pain is not going away, seek a second opinion from your trusted dentist or dental surgeon.

Gargling Salt Water

A traditional way that most of our grandmothers know, saltwater has proven its efficiency throughout the years. Salt has properties that combat tooth problems. Essentially an antimicrobial and pain-relieving treatment, you can gargle a solution of warm water and salt. Add one or two teaspoons of salt into warm water and mix. Use this as a mouthwash and repeat as needed. Regular gargling of saltwater also helps clean stuck food particles on a person’s mouth.

Tea Tree Oil

Treating Horizontally Impacted Wisdom Teeth By Dentists

Tea tree oil is an essential oil used for its usefulness in treating a person’s health issue. The reason for this is that it has natural antiseptic properties. As a dental solution, it protects the tooth from infection caused by cavities. A person may see temporary relief in their horizontally impacted wisdom teeth by applying this oil near the gum area where it is. In addition, the oil contains anti-inflammatory elements and analgesics. It is a great alternative for over-the-counter drugs.

Cold Compress

Another common treatment for this excruciating pain is to apply an ice pack. A cold compress helps reduce pain, especially in the swollen area. Use any type of commercial ice pack to put on your cheeks. Wrap it around a towel or a plastic bag to reduce it from spilling. Using cold compress will help the inflammation go down since it numbs the pain and tenderness of the gums.


Importance of Getting A Tooth Surgery

Immediate home relief for any kind of toothache is just as important as getting a surgical operation. Eventually, there are some instances that even home remedies can’t take care of. Having a doctor to diagnose your problem will help check if you really have a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth. You will also save your time and financial expenses in the future by acting upon the problem now. After getting your home remedies and not seeing any changes, ask a local doctor about surgically removing your horizontally impacted wisdom tooth.

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