How to relieve nerve pain after breast augmentation

how to relieve nerve pain after breast augmentation

Nerve pain after breast augmentation is common among women. The pain may last between 2 to 3 days before it subsides. During this period, you will be prescribed pain relievers to help with the pain. In case the prescription does not give you the relief you need, you may need to consider other options. For expert recommendations, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney based Refine clinic.

Symptoms of nerve pain after breast augmentation
• Tingling sensation
• Stubbing pain
• Burning sensation
• Itching sensation

How to relieve nerve pain after breast augmentation

  • Using the pain pump.–The pain pump is a device used to deliver numbness to the affected area. Most women buy this device along with the over-the-counter pain medication. The pain pump also minimizes the side effects of the prescribed medication you are taking.
  • Keeping your breast supported.–After augmentation, the breast will need to be supported to reduce the pain. The surgeon will provide you with an elastic bandage/ace wrap or a surgical bra to hold the breast in position and help reduce the pain. how to relieve nerve pain after breast augmentation
  • Light stretching or exercise.–Exercises are essential when you want to manage the nerve pain. After the augmentation, exercises such as shoulder rolls, corner chest, and arm circles can help stretch the muscles and relieve nerve pain. You can choose to do either of these exercises hourly to reduce contraction of muscles, which causes nerve pain.
  • Ask about Botox.–Scientific reviews have suggested that women who were injected with botox before or after the augmentation experience less pain. However, the authors of the study have reported inconsistency and suggested that more studies were needed.

In conclusion

Following these ways on how to relieve nerve pain after breast augmentation should be able to help you continue with your daily activities within 3 days after the surgery,  as the pain should have reduced. If these is not the case, then you should visit your surgeon to find out whether there is nerve damage.

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