Tooth Pains: How To Deal With Pain After Dental Crown Procedures

pain after dental crown

Although rare, some people experience pain after dental crown procedures. This article will talk about when you need to worry about the pain and when it can be considered normal. The article will also discuss how to manage the pain. If you’re planning to get your dental implants in foreign countries like Thailand, you can check out this link to learn more. You can also visit Riverlands Dental’s clinic in Richmond if you’re looking for a trusted clinic to help you with your tooth loss.

What are dental crowns?

Generally, a person should not feel any pain after a dental crown is placed. There is a chance that the tooth with the dental crown as well as the surrounding teeth may become sensitive after the procedure, but then severe pain should not be present.

Pain after dental crown procedures

Although most patients do not complain of pain after a dental crown is placed, there are many reasons why pain is present after a dental crown is placed.

The crown is not fitted properly

If the dental crown is not in the proper position, it will cause pain. The crown may be in the wrong position due to a mistake when it was being put on or because it got dislodged after it was initially put in.

You may need a root canal procedure

There is a chance that the person is experiencing pain in the tooth underneath the dental crown. The pain is most likely caused by infected pulp and the person will need a root canal procedure to get rid of the infected pulp as well as the pain.

Bruxism may be the cause

If the person grinds their teeth because of bruxism, this can also be the cause of the pain. The person will have to seek treatment for the teeth grinding disorder to get rid of the pain permanently.

What you can do

Home remedies exist to solve this type of problem. However, since a painful dental crown should not happen in the first place, one should only use these home remedies as a first aid solution until you will be able to see your dentist.

Possible home remedies include:pain after dental crown

  • Over-the-counter pain killers
  • Saltwater rinse
  • Cold compress if swelling is present

The only way to remove the pain for good is to have your dentist check on the dental crown and correct what needs to be corrected. Whatever the cause of the pain, seeing a dentist will be the only permanent solution to the problem. Pain in a dental crown is rarely unaccompanied by other conditions. Once the dentist will be able to check the dental crown and detect where the pain is originating from, it is easy for them to recommend a solution to the pain.

If you are experiencing pain your dental crown, it is imperative that you visit your dentist as soon as you can. If there is a more serious underlying condition that is contributing to the pain, it is important that you get dental treatment for that condition before it develops into something more serious. Keep in mind that pain in dental crowns will never be present unless something is wrong.

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