Probiotics for halitosis

probiotics for halitosis

Halitosis also is known as bad breath or oral malodor while probiotics are yeast and live bacteria which are beneficial to human health, most especially on the digestive tract. To learn how to treat halitosis, visit Some of these probiotic bacteria include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These bacteria are commonly found in fermented foods, likely pickled cabbage, and yogurt. The probiotics for halitosis are thus used to attract a large number of bacteria and leaving small room for the bad bacteria. Probiotics help in the restoration of the natural and healthy balance of the oral microbiome.

Halitosis infections largely cause a negative economic and social impact on patients suffering from such infections. Halitosis disorders are usually caused by gas-producing bacteria. These bacteria are most likely found in the mouth that below the gums and on the tongue. These are the most affected mouth area. Halitosis can also be as a result of problems in the stomach, liver and even lungs. This disorder affects mostly older adults as compared to young people. The diseases cause odor, dry mouth, dentures, and periodontal disease.

This disorder causes embarrassment to the patients and affects their lives and social communication. Some of the ways of getting rid of this disorder include; introducing good bacteria in the mouth that will help defeat the bad bacteria. Introducing long term ways to dental cleaning instead of using a short term such as using mouthwash. This helps to effectively destroy the causes of halitosis instead of controlling its effects.

probiotics for halitosisSome of these probiotics for halitosis that has shown positive results when dealing with halitosis get rid of halitosis in several ways such as :

  • They inhabit the oral tissues and this helps to prevent the harmful species from growth.
  • They also release antibacterial substances that help in the killing of these harmful species.
  • They also work in collaboration with the immune system to help in the production of a proper response.

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