Reasons why you may feel pain in tooth crown when biting down

pain in tooth with crown when biting down

Tooth crowns are placed on teeth to restore their beauty and natural function without having to extract the tooth. Although tooth crowns are supposed to be pain-free, some people complain about some pain. If you Googled “pain in tooth with crown when biting down”, you reached the right article. Read this article to learn more about how to manage toothpain at home.

Reasons why tooth crowns sometimes hurt

There are several reasons why you would experience pain in your tooth crown. You may experience these pains when you bite down on the tooth or even when you would not be biting at all. All of these would be answers to the question you searched for in Google, “pain tooth with crown when biting down”.

The gums are sore. Your gums might be swollen or sore from the procedure. Before a crown will be put on the tooth, it would have to first be shaped to allow the crown to fit around it. This process would sometimes affect the surrounding gums and make them sensitive, causing the pain.

Bruxism. This is a teeth-grinding disorder that some people experience. If you grind your teeth, it may damage the crown as well as the tooth underneath it.

Tooth fracture. There would be a chance that the pain is being caused by a tooth that has a fracture underneath the crown. Even if it is supposed to be protected by the tooth crown, the pain you are experiencing might be caused by a crack or cavity that has formed in the tooth under the crown.

The crown is not fitted properly. One of the other causes of pain would be that the crown would not be the right size or fit. There might be something wrong with the biting surface of the tooth, this would be the reason why you would feel pain when you bite down. Your Burwood dentist can easily adjust the alignment of the tooth so that you will not feel pain when you bite.

pain in tooth with crown when biting down

Receding gums. If a significant amount of time has passed since you had gotten your crown and you would suddenly feel pain when you bite, it may just be a sign that the gums around the crown have receded. This would expose more sensitive areas of the gum as well as the root of the tooth which can be irritated when you bite down.

Infection. Pain may be a sign of infection. This is why if you have been feeling a pain in your tooth for longer than your dentist warned you would be normal; you should see your dentist get to the bottom of where the pain is coming from.

When you should be worried

If you are dealing with mild pain, it might just be your gums adjusting to the crown. Mild pain and discomfort do not happen to everybody, but then if there is nothing wrong with the crown or the tooth underneath, the discomfort should go away on its own. However, if the pain worsens or does not go away after a day after the procedure, it would be a good idea to see your dentist see what is causing the pain.

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