Tea Bags for Eyes Infection on Post Eye Surgery

tea bags for eyes infection

The use of tea bags for eyes infection is one of the most common remedies for those who have undergone laser eye surgery, due to its numerous benefits. Surprisingly, patients who have undergone laser surgery can greatly benefit from tea bags. You can wash with chamomile after laser eye surgery if this is approved by your Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic surgeon in Melborune. Afterward, that’s when you can continuously apply tea bags on both eyes.


Benefits of Tea Bags for Eyes Infection

Tea bags come in a vast array of benefits. First, it significantly improves your eyes’ appearance. With regular use, you will soon see the reduction of those dark circles around your eyes as well as the redness and puffiness. Moreover, pink eye, styes and irritations can also be relieved with the use of tea bags.

Another benefit of a tea bag is that it’s not only natural, it’s budget-friendly as well. Whenever you’re unwinding, take the opportunity to place teabags on both eyes and do this several times per day. Make sure to evaluate the appearance of your eyes and see if the symptoms are slowly diminishing.


Step-by-step Procedure

  • Take two teabags from your container and steep as if you’re drinking the tea.
  • Gently squeeze any excess liquid from those teabags.
  • Either you allow the bags to cool down until the warm temperature is tolerable, or you can place them in the refrigerator for around 10 to 20 minutes.
  • If you can tolerate the temperature, place the teabags on top of your closed eyes within 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Use your fingertips to apply gentle pressure on our eyes. You may want to gently massage them as well.
  • Cool cucumber that’s sliced is also a good choice if you’re using chilled bags for added relief.
  • Although this step this optional, it’s an added benefit. Applying tea bags while on yoga pose is definitely beneficial.


Recommended Teas You Can Use

You can use a variety of teas to treat an eye infection from a surgery. Of course, it’s always best to opt for organics since you’re guaranteed that it’s chemical-free.

Teas containing antioxidants and caffeine such as green, white and black can allay the symptoms of infection. You can also opt for herbal teas to promote calmness and alleviate the infection and irritation.


Teabags are Helpful on Other Conditions

Aside from infection due to laser eye surgery, teabags have also proven to be beneficial on other cases. For example, it can prevent the worsening or puffy and swollen eyes. Teas containing caffeine triggers blood vessel constriction, thus, reducing the swelling of the eyes.

tea bags for eyes infection

Teas with rich content of antioxidants are very helpful in managing eye inflammations. They can help tighten the skin and draw the fluid from the eyes out to make the puffiness subside. Green or back teabags used as cold compress is highly recommended.

Although it has been proven that tea bags are of good use for eye infections after laser surgery, always remember to have your surgeon routinely check the condition of your eyes. While teabags can help the infection, there may be underlying conditions which can’t be treated by home remedies. A visit to your doctor from time to time should always be done.

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