Are There Home Remedy Alternatives For Lubricating Eye Drops?

Lubricating Eye Drops Dry Treatment

Having dry eyes early in the morning is not an ideal way to start your day. However, many people experience having vision problems due to their activities, age, or health problems. How do most people treat their blurry, cloudy eyes? Most people visit an eye care center for an optician or optometrist to diagnose their eyes. But, you can also apply natural tears to soothe your eye from dirt, pollution, or allergic reactions. Having dry, red, or irritated eyes are just some examples that most people have when using lubricating eye drops. Are there possible home remedy alternatives for these lubricating eye drops? 


What Are The Most Common Eye Problems?

Once the eyes lose their vision over time, the protective layer of the cornea also dissolves. With these issues that surround the eyes, most lubricants like the popular Systane Lubricating Eye Drops brand focus on providing relief. However, artificial gel lubricant like Systane should be taken by patients without ongoing chronic eye problems. Some of these common eye problems that you see here are given prescription medical lubricant product instead of public lubricant drops available at pharmacies or drug stores. 

  • Blurry Eyes
  • Dry Eyes
  • Clouded Or Foggy Vision
  • Myopia (Near Sightedness)
  • Hyperopia (Far Sightedness)
  • Glaucoma


Why Do Eyes Become Dry?

2020 vision may be hard to achieve due to constant eye pressure and strain. The daily activity involves much electric-based technology, stress, and even restless nights. What happens when we abuse our eye organs? Tear ducts are one of the most crucial parts of the body yet unknown to many. Tear ducts produce lubrication that enables the eyes to become moist. An eye may require an artificial lubricant drop to protect the iris, cornea, and the rest of the surface from dirt and bacteria. Certain medical conditions may also affect the production of lubricant. Relief such as an eye drop lubricant may have moderate to lasting benefits for people who frequently have a dry eye issue. 


When Do You Start Using Lubricating Eye Drops?

Lubricating Eye Drops

Generally, lubricating eye drops are only applicable when you experience a sensation of dryness in your eyes. If a person feels a stinging or burning of the eyes, dry eyes may occur. Although, there are many other eye issues with symptoms like irritation, redness, and loss of vision. Yet, ophthalmologists don’t recommend using lubricants with these problems. Utilizing a lubricant for eyes with these health problems may do more damage than treating them. If you are experiencing more than just dry eye conditions, visit the nearest ophthalmologist to get a consultation. Ophthalmologists are the only doctors that can also give medical equivalents for lubricant eye drop.


Review: Benefits Of Using Eye Lubricant Drops

Are you a frequent user of eye lubricant drops? If yes, you may be well-informed of these facts. However, for people who aren’t familiar with the benefits, here are some of the things you may be missing out on. These eye lubricant drops are available at any local grocery, pharmacy, or drug store.

  • Balance Liquid Production 
  • Some Lubricant Eye Drops Are Preservative Free
  • Eases Irritation And Itchiness
  • Provides Quick Relief With Eye Strain
  • Increases Comfort 
  • Decrease Vision Loss Symptoms


Home Remedies For Lubricating Eye Drops

Can’t find a quick solution for your dry eye situation? If you have constant work breaks due to your dry eye, you may want to find home remedies instead. The primary mission of the HysterHome page is to provide home remedies and solutions for any health problem, such as dry eye issues. Here are some suggestions that we can provide for patients with a dry eye problem.


Supplement Your Eyes With Fatty Acids

Vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids are great to rejuvenate the lost collagen and protective layer, which is the sclera and cornea. Omega 3 found in fish oil are great for providing the much needed fatty acids in the body. On the other hand, doctors also warn against too much consumption of fish oil as it can also have side effects like bleeding and weaker immune systems.


Use a Warm Compress

Smoke and pollution often irritates the eyes and makes tears evaporate quickly. A quick solution to prevent itchiness is to use a warm compress to produce more lipids. However, it is vital to have clean, sterile cloth and the right temperature of warm water to put on top of the dry eye. 


Clean Your Eyelids  

Many people tend to forget cleaning their eyelids from time to time. A person’s eyelids may contain more bacteria and dirt, similar to how gums and teeth develop cavities. When dirt always sticks in eyelids, it may form an allergy problem. Clean your eyelids by applying mild shampoo or water on a cotton ball or tissue paper and wipe these on the eyelids.


Frequent Breaks From Computer

Having dry eyes are often related to not blinking or drinking water regularly. Yet, there are issues like staring at a computer or electronic screen for such a long time. A busy day that requires you to stare always may prevent you from blinking frequently or even taking a break to drink water. Also, dehydration may cause other underlying health problems. Take a break from staring into your electronic devices and do some eye exercises to prevent red eyes or dryness.


Look For Eye Drops Without Preservatives

Preservatives from artificial lubricant gel or drops can have unwanted side effects. Most lubricant gel or drops contain parabens, a preservative that is present in over the counter artificial tears and lubricant drops. If you want to avoid more health complications, look for alternative lubricant without preservatives. 


Change Your Sleeping Habits

Are There Home Remedy Alternatives For Lubricating Eye Drops

Lastly, sleeping habits can reduce the person’s practice of using lubricant drops like Systane for dry eye. Sleeping routines such as staying up way too late may prevent cells from regenerating and becoming healthy for the next day. Moreover, it also increases the chance of having cloudy or dry eye issues. 


Seek A Doctor For Further Eye And Vision Complications

Overall, complications in eyesight can require more than just applying lubricant formula drops for ocular relief. Hence, if you feel more than the usual dry eye problem and have vision loss, it may be best to visit an optometrist instead. A professional and licensed doctor may diagnose if your eye is exposed to germs that can lead to a stye, glaucoma, or other vision difficulties. Don’t hesitate to call an emergency doctor if you experience dizziness, nausea, or headaches as well. You can visit ELS Melbourne if you’re looking for quality eye doctors.

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