Different ways on how to relieve sore feet

how to relieve sore feet

Let’s be honest; the most tired part of our body is our feet, and yet, it is one of the parts that we would most likely neglect. So we will show you ways on how to relieve sore feet so you can pamper yourself even while at home. However, if these do not relieve your tired feet, maybe you might need a help of a podiatrist so he can assess what’s wrong with your feet.

Footbath. What soreness cannot be relieved with a nice warm bath? Nothing! Add a bit of Epsom salts into your basin of water and be ready to have your leg muscles and feet soften and relax.

Stretch. Sometimes, stretching your tired muscles can also alleviate the stress. Do a few flexing and extending of your toes and feet. Move your ankles in circles and point and relax your toes to improve the circulation of blood to your feet as well.

how to relieve sore feetFoot massage. After your foot bath, complement the stress relief with an amazing foot massage. Have someone rub and knead the bottoms of your feet, where all your body weight resides when you’re standing for a long time. This process also improves the blood circulation and softens the skin of your feet as well.

Invest in quality arch supports. For flat-footed people, getting arch support improves your posture as well as your stability when walking or standing. Equal and proper distribution of your weight is placed perfectly on your feet, cutting back on the stress that they normally feel.

Ice your feet. If your feet are swollen from prolonged walking or standing, apply an ice compress or prepare an ice bag where you can roll your feet. This helps relieve the swelling that is causing the soreness.

It is never wrong to indulge in something that would make us feel better. Take care of yourself by showing importance to all parts of your body, from your aching head to your tired soles.

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