What if Saltwater Made My Toothache Worse

salt water made my toothache worse

Toothaches are unpredictable. They can strike at any time and can be one of the most distracting pains a person can experience. Luckily, there are home remedies that can help alleviate toothaches and numb the pain until you can reach a dentist for proper assistance.

Using saltwater to relieve toothaches

Many people use salt water for quick relief for any tooth pain. But have you ever found yourself in a situation when you told yourself “Saltwater made my toothache worse”, and wondered why?

Salt has antiseptic qualities to it, and the use of saltwater can usually relieve toothaches because it can help reduce the swelling on the affected area by drawing the excess fluid out. But why do some people experience pain when they use saltwater?

The water is too hot. It is recommended to use luke-warm water and even cold water in a saltwater rinse. Hot water will not help with the swelling and may also cause pain because of the hot temperature.

salt water made my toothache worse

The type of salt used is too coarse. If the type of salt is very unrefined, like rock salt, for example, it could come into contact with the gums surrounding the affected tooth. There is a possibility that the gums would be sore, and sensitive to the rough salt that will come into contact with them.

Things to consider when using a saltwater rinse

Remember that it is completely safe to use salt to relieve tooth pain. Just remember that this is only a first air trick, and should never be used on its own to cure the toothache. There is a deeper reason why your tooth is painful, the saltwater rinse will just relieve the dental pain. You will still have to go to a dentist to uncover the cause of the toothache and get treatment for it.

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